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The Tale Of Three Litter mates:

When I bred Token in 2005, I chose Promise for myself. Since I didn't have homes waiting for all the puppies, I had to keep several of the puppies longer than normal and I formed a strong attachment to the little black puppy I called Dodger. At the age of 8 months Dodger went to live in CO with Bill and Carole at Rainbow Fields. I saw Dodger twice after he went to live with Bill and Carole, and both times I said "I shouldn't have let you go." As difficult as it may be at times, one must be practical, and I knew he had a good home. Dodger remembered me both times he saw me, several years after leaving. He would stand with both front feet on my lap "talking" and carrying on about every aspect of his life with Bill and Carole. Carole would shake her head and say "he doesn't talk to me like this". In 2007 Dodger's brother Blue was returned, and he proved to have way too much energy to live with us in my small home. Not a day passed that I didn't say "I wish you were Dodger....." which certainly wasn't fair for Blue because although very active, he was sweet and loving. In early 2009 Bill and Carole told me they had found a home for Dodger on a cattle ranch in MO. I said " found a home for Blue.....I want Dodger back." So Blue went to live on a ranch where he could run to his heart's content, and Dodger came home to live with me and sleep on my bed. What was curious about Dodger's return was that we moved to a new home while he was in CO, yet when he came home he behaved like he knew exactly where he was and had merely stepped away for a few hours.:

...And then there's Promise. Due to her lackadaisical attitude about participating in ANY activity I wanted for her (conformation shows, motherhood, agility, rally...) I started looking for a good home for Promise early in 2009. I felt she might prove difficult to place because of her sensitive nature.  In the summer of 2009 I was approached by an ex-coworker who wanted my help finding her the perfect dog. I had an AHA! moment when it occured to me that this home would be perfect for Promise. Lisa worked from home, was calm, quiet, thoughtful, sensitive....all perfect for Promise. So Promise went to live with Lisa and her teenaged son Lucas and as they say lived happily ever after and she lives a contented life as a couch potato.

Bill and Carole put all Dodger's single points on him, and I was very lucky to put one major on him during the 2009 specialty weekend in WI. He earned his second major for his CH and his RN on the same day in November 2009.

I always regretted letting Dodger go in the first place, but at the time I felt it was the right thing to do. I'm just thankful I got a second chance with my boy and that all three litter mates have found the forever homes they deserve.